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Dark Places

No doubt I am one of a few million readers that absolutely loved Gillian Flynn’s best-selling third novel, “Gone Girl” which stayed in the top ten list for well over a year.

And there is absolutely no doubt this novel put a spotlight on the author’s previous books.

I put my sights directly on her second novel, “Dark Places” only because it was on sale.  Gotta stay cheap and on budget if you are a bookworm like me.

The book tells the story of Libby Day, the lone survivor of a gruesome massacre of her family 25 years ago.  Living off the donations by good Samaritans and kind-hearted strangers, she managed to cope with the tragedy – that is until the money starts running out.

Receiving a letter from the Kill Club, a group of people obsessed with re-opening old case files and finding out what really happened, they make an offer to Libby that is simply too good to refuse.  All they ask of her is to keep an open mind, and travel into her past and gather evidence that would exonerate her brother Ben, who is convicted of the crime.  Her testimony is the catalyst of sending her brother to prison.  In return, they will compensate her in monetary terms for any information she can find.

The deeper Libby delves into her past, she soon realizes that she may have been wrong about what she saw on that horrific night, and finds herself on the run from a killer.

Thoroughly riveting and entertaining, this book will definitely keep you up for a few sleepless nights…you have been warned!