I had just read a post by a blogger that I follow, and I was taken aback by the point he made, which is: writers should write about what they know.

This is a very simple concept, and yet upon reflection the first thought that came into my head is “I’m jealous of the moon”.

Why? Because as I am writing this post out in my balcony, there is a bright moon looming overhead, which reminded me of days gone by.

When I was young boy, growing up in a small town of Kalibo, it is not uncommon to spend some time with the other kids in the neighbourhood after dinner, to wonder and play about in the streets. One such night the moon was unusually full, it had an eerie and awe-inspiring feel to its magnificence.

No doubt this is the same moon, removed by many years, situated in another continent.

That is all I know this night.