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One word to describe this book: WOW!

I literally uttered those words when I finished reading Gillian Flynn’s spectacular third novel, “Gone Girl”.

Normally I would go into detail on what I loved about the book, but it is more than appropriate to say it is a story that must be experienced first hand. It would be a real disservice to the author if even a scrap of the plot is revealed, but the title of this post should provide some clue on what the reader can expect.

This book came to my attention upon reading a review in Entertainment Weekly magazine. I was very skeptical since the author used to be a writer and critic for the magazine. It almost felt like the equivalent of liking your own post on Facebook, it reeked of self-congratulatory prose. But then I started reading the accolades bestowed upon the book and author from other publications and so I relented and picked up a copy.

The story unfolds in the perspective of husband and wife, Nick and Amy Dunne. They are the quintessential happy couple: good looking, successful, wealthy, friends and family that love them. Until it all comes crashing down.

The effortless way the author wrote in both the male and female first-person narrative made you forget whose side you are on. Once the twist is in full gear, the true brilliance of the story truly shines.